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Q: How much are lessons?

A: Each weekly thirty minute lesson is $25. The first invoice made when you start your private lessons will have a $10 registration fee. You must provide a credit or debit card number to be kept on file for recurring payments.

Q: How do I register for lessons?

A: You can register online by clicking HERE or you can call us at 573-442-9627.

Q: Can I take hour lessons?

A: Yes! Every hour lesson is $50

Q: How often are lessons?

A: Lessons are to be attended once per week.

Q: When can I take lessons?

A: We are open Monday through Friday from 2:00pm-7:30pm and Saturdays from 11:00am-3:00pm. We will schedule your lesson to the time of your convenience.

Q: What instruments do you teach?

A: Piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice, mandolin, violin, banjo, trumpet, trombone, French horn, and woodwinds. We offer lessons in Audio Production as well. These lessons can consist of learning how to muilti-track record, run live sound, and more. Is there a certain style of music you want to learn? Just ask us!

Q: When do I pay for my lessons?

A: Your first payment should be made at the time of your first lesson. We require a credit or debit card to be kept on file for recurring monthly payments.

Q: What is your lesson cancellation policy?

A: CAM must be notified of lesson cancellations before the 1st of each month. You will receive an invoice one week prior to the 1st of each month giving you the opportunity to cancel any lessons before the month begins. Lessons missed due to emergencies/family death, serious illness and/or extreme weather will be decided on a case-by-case basis and appropriately credited. If a teacher must miss a lesson, for any reason, you will always receive a credit or a makeup lesson.

Q: Can I pay for one lesson to meet the teacher to make sure he/she is the right fit?

A: Yes. We will make sure every student is perfectly matched with the right teacher.

Q: What materials do I need?

A: Columbia Academy of Music will either provide the proper books and materials needed for you to purchase or we will direct you to a local retailer to purchase them. You are expected to bring ALL materials with you to every lesson.

Q: Will there be recitals?

A: Yes. There will be recitals for all instruments. They are not mandatory. However, everyone is strongly encouraged to participate because part of learning an instrument is performing with it. All recitals will be held at The Bridge.

Q: What is The Bridge?

A: The Bridge is a 200 capacity live music venue featuring local, regional and national music acts and located within the Columbia Academy of Music. www.thebridgecolumbia.com